Hi, you’ve found me!! Ok, first things first. Substack is a place for writers and broadcasters to share their thoughts through podcasting and writing. It’s also a place where communities can grow and support the work they follow. You can go the free route and subscribe just to make sure you don’t miss a post, or you can do a paid subscription which will allow you to comment and interact with others. As this grows, I will add other things too, possibly some get togethers or live discussions and interviews. We shall see!

Why now? Well I’ve been doing the podcast for nearly 3 years and it takes a lot of time and commitment so I’ve needed to put it down for a while. However there’s still much to talk about so this is going to be a place for us to keep conversations going rather than having closed episodes. You will find that the nature of what we talk about here will also be quite different to the podcast so they will compliment each other well. I aim to focus here more on aspects of being a woman in today’s society, things that might crop up in the news, current narratives that may need exploring, or questions about things that you’ve brought to me that you'd like to unpack.

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